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Costs for Valuations for Insurance

£150 for the first item and £100 per item thereafter plus a one off document fee of £60

* Specialist items may be charged at a higher rate than this if they require more time and research.


Probate Valuation Charges

Probate valuations are charged at £30 per item, with a minimum fee of £240.


Home Visits Costs for Jewellery Valuations

From £850 full day (five hours work)

From £450 half day (two and a half hours work)

£170 per hour thereafter


Written estimate for insurance repairs

We charge £100 for this written estimate service and this is reclaimable from the final balance paid us when we get the proceed to complete the work for you.


Post Loss Assessment

The charges for a Post loss assessment are £100 per item plus a £60 one off document fee.


Quote for scrap or jewellery purchase

No charge

Gem Report Costs


Ruby Service

Cost for a Verbal Opinion £50


Sapphire Service

Cost for a Gemstone Report £100


Emerald Service

Cost for a Gemstone Report with Market Valuation £130