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Gemstone Analysis

What services do we offer here?

Types of GemLab W4 reports on loose Gemstones

  • Prices from£50

    Bronze Service

    Verbal Opinion

    We will analyse your gemstone and provide you with a verbal opinion as to nature and identity. i.e it's a natural emerald, or it's a synthetic ruby. We will also give you a carat weight

  • Prices from£100

    Silver Service

    Gemstone Report & Photography

    We will prepare a document outlining the tests and results carried out on your gem, showing the nature, identity and include a quality assessment. Showing our opinion as to colour clarity and transparency. If possible we will indicate possible country of origin. Reports come in a beautifully bound folder, with all the test results, sealed and signed by a gemmologist.

  • Prices from£130

    Gold Service

    Gemstone Report & Photography with Market Valuation

    The same extensive testing and reporting for our Silver service with the addition of researched market data to provide you with a market value for your precious gemstone.

  • Prices fromPOA

    Platinum Service

    For The Highest Quality Gemstones or Pearls where natural origin is suspected we may need to employ the services of a highly specialized external laboratory partner.

    Prices for these services are available on request


All these options require the application of up to 15 different observations, calculations and tests using different equipment and skills.
Please refer to our T's & C's to fully understand the limitations of liability and in obtaining any of our reports.

What is Gemstone Analysis?


It's a common question that we in the industry get asked every day. 'What is it? ', 'Is it real?' and a frequently asked question is usually 'what is it worth?'

Is it something you bought abroad, have inherited? Found? Bought at auction or a car boot sale?

Sometimes there really is cash in the attic and knowing what you own and the value of what you own can in some cases be life changing.

Gemstone analysis is a complex and technical skill requiring extensive training, skills, experience, expensive equipment and no small amount of scientific understanding. Once we have ascertained what it is, we then grade and assess the quality and are then in a position to calculate a market value.


Gemstone value relies on many factors but broken down they are:

  • What is the material? Is it, for example, ruby emerald or sapphire, or something even rarer?
  • What is the nature if the material? is it natural or synthetic, is it a simulant or composite?
  • Where is it from? Sapphires from Kashmir or Burmese rubies will command a premium because of their reputation as some of the finest examples in the world.
  • What is the market doing for such gems right now - the Middleton effect really did have an impact on sapphire prices worldwide.

Also the gem itself plays the main part:

  • How big is it?
  • What's the colour like?
  • The transparency, clarity and fire and brilliance?
  • How durable is a particular gem?
  • Are there are special optical effects such as a rare cats eye or play of colour?


There's a lot to understand and decipher and even fully qualified gemmologists sometimes need more extensive testing to be sure.

Our technicians are all fully qualified and trained by the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and have achieved their highly coveted FGA status and in some cases DGA as well. We are confident that our analysis of your gems will provide accurate results.

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